Calendrier 2020

Celebration Parade

Mardi 04 Fev 2020

Welcome party, Celebrating 2020

Love Parade

Mardi 11 Fev 2020

Pre-valentine day celebration and red & white attire for performers.

Kids Parade

Mardi 18 Fev 2020

Kid characters: Micky mouse -New generation kids drum band

Mardi gras

Mardi 25 Fev 2020

All carnival revelers will be invited to join the parade in their own costumes

Pirate night

Mardi 03 Mars 2020

Drum band performers will be equipped in pirate accessories

All women in white's day celebration

Mardi 10 Mars 2020

Post international women’s day celebration incorporated into the parade.

Flags Night

Mardi 17 Mars 2020

A night to celebrate our flag and also celebrate our melting pot community.

Cultural Night

Mardi 24 Mars 2020

A night to display all of our local cultural attire with local(madras) dresses and accessories.
Masquarade Night

Mardi 31 Mars 2020

 Entertainers will be dressed in masquerade theme attire and/or accessories.

Neon & Lights

Mardi 07 Avril 2020

Neon & Lights Parade to Illuminate the Evening 

Caribbean Floral Night

Mardi 14 Avril 2020

Drum band and dancers performers will be dressed  in fruits and flowers costumes

Celebration Night

Mardfi 21 Avril 2020

A mix of all the previous themes throughout the event. One big celebration to close the year.